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"My visit was great! Thanks Dr. Tate."
January 16, 2014

"It was a good visit. The cleaning was great. Thank you."
January 16, 2014

"Dr Sallings and Tammy, just the best team ever. Both are terrific and make going to the dentist a pleasure. Many thanks for your care over the years."
January 16, 2014

"It is always a pleasure to come to Drs. Salling and Tate. Best Dentists in Town"
January 15, 2014

"I will continue to come here until I am too old to drive!! Then I guess I will have to take a cab!!"
January 15, 2014

"A new Dentist is hard, but this atmosphere is so comfortable, makes it so much easier."
December 5, 2013

"For anyone looking for a dentist, I would highly recommend Drs. Salling and Tate."
December 8, 2013

"Excellent service - as always everyone was friendly and helpful! Thank you."
December 12, 2013

"Excellent service as usual. Timely, efficient and professional."
December 14, 2013

"Excellent dental care provided here. I would readily recommend this practice to family, friends and colleagues."
October 21, 2013

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Salling & Tate General Dentistry

When considering family dentists in Wilmington, NC, the human element has to be taken into account. Let's face it: dental procedures, even cosmetic dentistry, often make people frightened or nervous. However, Salling & Tate General Dentistry is committed to providing the best dentist experience in Wilmington, NC by creating long-term relationships with our patients through consistent, high-quality service and an unbeatable level of personal and dental care. Our dentist office's relaxed, professional and friendly atmosphere helps put your mind at ease, and our extremely competent dentists and staff do the rest.

We are highly qualified Wilmington, NC
Family Cosmetic Dentists.

That means whether you're seeking general dentistry services, care for a broken tooth, or cosmetic dentistry veneers, we've got you covered. Our experience with a wide range of dental procedures keeps us knowledgeable on the latest and greatest technology and research, and we regularly attend training seminars as part of our continuing effort to be the best dentist office Wilmington, NC has to offer.

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