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Teeth Whitening in Wilmington

The beginning of a memorable smile is all about how confident you are in showing those bright pearly whites. Investing in professional teeth whitening can bring great results when you take the time to research practitioners who deliver safe and effective methods for you to achieve the look that you desire for your teeth. Under the advisory of the dentists at Salling & Tate General Dentistry, enhancing your smile can take just a few simple steps without the stress and anxiety that comes with home whitening kits.


Teeth Whitening with
Salling & Tate General Dentistry

One of the most important practices in teeth whitening is letting patients know what is used in the whitening process. As most practitioners, we use carbamide peroxide, which is the primary bleaching solution in our teeth whitening application. This solution has been used for years to brighten the smile of millions of people worldwide.

The process is simple: we take impressions of your teeth to then create custom trays made for your bleaching procedure. The bleaching gel is placed into the trays and then fitted comfortably over your teeth. The carbamide peroxide breaks down and from that, oxygen enters the enamel and dentin of your teeth, bleaching out the discolored areas.

At Salling & Tate, we make sure that the processes taken to give you the results that you expect is done with little to no side effects. Some people have increased sensitivity to hot or cold sensations during the whitening process. Because of the manner in which this could cause discomfort, we suggest giving your teeth 48 hours to adjust to the effects of the bleaching application.

We encourage you to consider taking the professional route when it comes to teeth whitening. Overuse of over-the-counter whitening products can damage the tooth enamel and leave you with more harm than the good that was intended for your smile. Good oral hygiene and brushing your teeth regularly, particularly after eating and drinking staining foods and beverages, will allow you to enjoy optimum tooth whitening results for several years.

Let us know how we can get you that perfect look so that you feel amazing every time you smile! We are located right before the Wrightsville Beach Bridge, on Eastwood Road in Wilmington, NC. Call us today at 910-256-9040 to see how our teeth whitening can help brighten your smile.

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