For a Convenient

Sometimes life can throw you a curveball.

When unexpected dental problems arise, the staff here at Salling & Tate can help.

We can treat a wide range of urgent dental issues, including:

  • Cracked or chipped teeth.
  • Teeth that have become dislodge or knocked out
  • Mis-aligned or loose teeth
  • Broken Fillings
  • Broken Crowns
  • Toothaches

How it works:

When you contact us through email or phone after our normal operating hours, you'll be directed to our answering service.  If you're reaching out due to an emergency, your information will be shared instantly with one of our dentists. 

At that point, he'll contact you to determine the best course of action.  In our experience, that usually means calling in a prescription for you that you can pick up at a local pharmacy.  If the issue is more severe, the dentist will typically refer you to the local ER.

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