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Wilmington Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

Here at Salling & Tate, we know that keeping your family happy & healthy is the most important thing in life. We understand this because we have wonderful families just like you. We'd go to the ends of the Earth for them - and that's precisely why we know how important it is for us to provide care for your family.

Our Dentists specialize in Family and Cosmetic Dentistry - and we're the best at what we do in the area. That's because we've been around for decades & have seen it all. So, that's why we offer Family and Cosmetic Dentistry.

It would seem to be a given fact that everyone deserves to have a healthy mouth. But as you may already know, not all Dentists work on children - mainly for convenience purposes. But we understand how important your children's health is. That's why we're serving patients of all ages.

Salling & Tate understands the importance of giving back to our beloved Wilmington, NC community. Of course, our Dental practice is the best way we know to go about achieving this. That's why we love to use our years of experience to provide caring and comfortable treatment to everyone in the community.

When you come into the office, we want to make sure you're getting the best experience possible. Besides our wonderful staff, another way we go about this is by keeping on top of the latest dental technology. We've found that the newer the technology, the less discomfort you'll generally experience. So, that's why we use the latest technologies in family dentistry.

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