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Teeth Whitening with Opalescence

Few things boost your self-esteem more than improving your smile! Gone are the days of expensive whitening treatments and DIY kits that take weeks to work. Now, with Opalescence products, you can take care of all your teeth whitening needs right here in our office! No more ordering online and no more waiting. What could be better?

At Salling & Tate, we offer a range of Opalescence products designed...
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Reasons You May Need Oral Surgery

Brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentists at Salling & Tate regularly can go a long way toward achieving ideal oral health. Unfortunately, life often has other plans and some people find themselves in the position of needing more serious dental work done.

While some procedures can be completed in a dentist’s office, others require the help of an oral surgeon. The good news is that,...
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Best Flossing Tools

Bacteria prefer to grow in warm, moist environments, which means the inside of your mouth is the perfect place for them to thrive. When bacteria aren’t removed, they join together and form the mass that we know as plaque. If not cleaned off, plaque can lead to problems like gum disease and tooth decay.

Even though brushing your teeth will remove some plaque buildup, it can’t remove all...
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11 News Years Resolutions for Better Dental Health

When we think of New Year’s resolutions, we tend to think of things that will help make us healthier. For many people, this means working out or losing weight, but few people realize that taking good care of your teeth is a huge part of improving your overall health.

So for 2020, why not make improving your oral health one of your main goals? All it takes is making a few simple adjustments...
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Treating Cracked Teeth

Teeth are strong. In fact, tooth enamel is the strongest substance in the body. At 96% mineral composition, it’s even stronger than bone is. But that doesn’t mean that our teeth are unbreakable.

Chips and cracks still happen and when they do, they’re often quite painful. Thankfully, the Wilmington, NC dentists at Salling & Tate are experienced with diagnosing and treating cracked...
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Tooth Talk: Dr. James Salling

Welcome to our first-ever edition of Tooth Talk!

For each article in this special series, we’ll interview one of our team members to give our current (and future) patients a chance to get to know us a little bit better!

So without further ado... Meet Dr. James Salling!

Dr. Salling, or Jamie as most of us call him, was born in Durham, North Carolina, but grew up living in the Wrightsville...
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