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9 Ways to Keep Teeth Clean This Halloween

The scariest thing about Halloween isn’t the ghosts, ghouls, or goblins… it’s cavities! It’s the time of year where kids and adults alike indulge in plenty of sweet treats - probably more than they should. If you don’t take extra good care of your teeth, this Halloween could land you right in the dentist’s chair.

Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to ensure...
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Tooth Brushing Best Practices

Everyone knows that the most important thing you can do at home to improve your dental health is to regularly brush your teeth. Unfortunately, not everyone knows the best way to brush their teeth. If you aren’t sure whether you are brushing your teeth correctly, our tooth brushing quiz can give you some insight!

In reality, brushing your teeth properly isn’t that hard. All it takes is...
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9 Best Foods for Dental Health

Your teeth are one of the most important parts of your body. After all, without them, it would be much more difficult to nourish yourself!

Aside from brushing your teeth the correct way and having your dentist clean your teeth regularly, there’s one more very important thing you can to ensure your teeth will stay healthy for years to come: eat the right food!

We all know which foods are...
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How to Choose a New Dentist

Whether you’ve relocated, switched insurance providers, or are just ready to try something new, finding a new dentist can be hard. After all, with so many choices out there, how do you know who the best dentist really is?

Fortunately, choosing a new dentist in North Carolina can be a lot easier if you follow these easy tips. Or, you can simply schedule an appointment with the Wilmington, NC...
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Pre-Wedding Dental Treatments

Your smile on your wedding day is almost as important as the dress. Not only will everyone there see it, but you’ll be looking at it in photos for years to come. While it can be hard to remember everything that needs to be done before the big day, one thing you definitely shouldn’t neglect is getting your teeth ready for your wedding.

While you should certainly have a professional teeth...
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Teeth Straightening Without Braces: Invisalign vs. SureSmile

Nobody likes the idea of having crooked teeth. Unfortunately, it’s a genetic unavoidability for some people. The good news is, orthodontic technology has improved a lot over the past decade. Where the only option used to be traditional wire braces, there are now several solutions to help children and adults straighten their teeth.

But which is the best way to straighten teeth without braces?...
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